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About Me

I'm a 53 years-young gal who loves drawing (fanart, mostly, but I do all sorts of stuff), writing (fanfics, but again, I'm pretty flexible in that regard), reading (I like Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, comics (and webcomics),  fanfics; etc.), being with my family and friends, horseback riding, archery, playing with my beloved (and VERY spoiled (as in spoiled TOTALLY ROTTEN!!!)!) Chihuahua (ChiWarrior?  Heh), Pedro, listening to music (I love country, gospel, easy-listening and classic rock), long walks, watching the sunset, and just life in general. I love my family, wolves, horses, eagles, turtles (ESPECIALLY the Mutant Ninja variety), motorcycles, and fighter jets.

Things I hate (with a passion!) are hypocrites, liars, thieves (ART-thieves are an ESPECIAL pet-peeve of mine), terrorists, bad politicians, and people who talk about me, or people I care about, behind my back.

Heh, and that's pretty much me.  Hope I gain a lot of new friends here. 

Peace, and take care, y'all.    

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